Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spirit of '76

How exciting is it to start your own blog? I mean, one that you'll actually use and write in regularly. This little blog, named after a pinball machine, is here for ... well, myself. You see, I'm a fashion lover. Can't call myself an addict (I don't do the runway stuff) but I love style, looking good, and most of all- shopping. I'm on a budget, though. A tight one. 90% of my wardrobe comes from Forever 21, with a few Urban Outfitters pieces thrown in for good measure.

So this blog is here to teach myself to shop my closet, create new outfits with the clothes I already own. So sit back and enjoy; hopefully, as I find new ways to dress myself, you'll find it helpful, too.

(I just couldn't resist this shirt when I saw it at Heritage 1981. Made me think of the ancient pinball machine my grandpa had in his basement.)

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