Saturday, April 3, 2010

And so we begin!

I have my camera back! Here is my first outfit post in this lovely little blog.

It is gorgeous out today. 66 degrees! I broke out the cutoffs but wore a cardigan and boots to stay a little warm.

I couldn't figure out a way to get a full body shot. I'm sure I will get better at this as time goes on.
The boots are probably my favorite thing in my closet. They're leather western boots from DSW. They were on clearance when I bought them- down to $50 from $150. YES PLEASE.
Not a terribly exciting outfit, but since I can't really afford to buy ~nicer pieces, I have to live with what I have.
Cardigan: H&M
V-neck: Forever 21
Shorts: ??? No tag, a pair of jeans I hacked up last summer.
Boots: DSW

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  1. Cute! it isnt quite shorts weather here yet, so I'm so jealous!